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Julia Goldani Telles was born on March 18, 1995.
and also a ballet dancer from Los Angeles, California, USA
States of america … As an actress, Julia Goldani Telles is well known for her
a supporting role in the original Showtime series, The Affair, in which she
plays the character Whitney Solloway and also plays the role
Sasha Torres in the short-lived TV series Bunheads, a family drama that aired on ABC

Born to parents, her mother is Brazilian, and her father is
Mexican American, Julia Goldani Telles, multiracial heiress.
When Julia Goldani Telles was only two years old, she, along with her family,
moved to Rio de Janerio. When Julia Goldani Telles was five,
she began to study ballet dancing. They went back to L.A. when Julia
Goldani Telles was five years old. Originally Julia Goldani Telles could only
speak Portuguese, however she learned to speak English after their
moving to America … When Julia Goldani Telles was thirteen years old, she
moved to New York City, where she went to a professional children’s
School in Manhattan.

During her stay in America, Julia Goldani Telles underwent training,
at the School of American Ballet, as well as at Ballet Academy East, at
In addition to appearing in several theatrical productions, including Sleeping
Beauty, Nutcracker, Don Quixote and Swan Lake. When Julia Goldani Telles was
fifteen years old, she suffered from severe tendonitis and tears on the lips
hips, which is why she was forced to quit ballet classes for a year.
To get rid of depression, Julia Goldani Telles took a course
in the drama.

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