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Anlela Sagra was born on October 6, 1993 in her country.
origin from Colombia. Anlela Sagra has a sister named Laura Sagra who
also dominates her beautiful fitness model … Because the
To begin with, AnllelaSagra had a strong interest in modeling and fashion business.
Incompatible with this, after leaving high school,
Anlela Sagra Selected To Study Fashion Design At Columbia University
in the meantime, he modeled at the end of the week so that she
the enthusiasm is alive. Anlela Sagra – Colombian fitness model, muscular head,
a mentor and life identity based on the Internet with the potentially most fit and very
a shaped body that most women would like to achieve. AnllelaSagra has begun
gaining recognition from his standard bodybuilding that made body muscles
obviously on her. This was originally a restriction for men in her country.
origin. To flaunt her muscles, Anlela Sagra went to fitness competitions.
and didn’t skimp on his photos via web media … AnllelaSagra’s
The online fanbase she worked on gained momentum at various stages of her life, and today
Anlela Sagra is a well-known personality.

Besides being called a competitor, there is still much to be done.
unclear about his personality, showing profession and relationships. IN
the triumph also put Anlela Sagra at the intersection of what she really needs.
to do with her life; return to her modeling career, which she left for
over a year or so as mainstream female Colombian fitness
model, a path that has never been walked. AnllelaSagra decided to stay at
later and risk everything that could be done to achieve huge success,
female fitness model. AnllelaSagra, who does not believe in luck, but in
circumstances and willingness, perseverance, tolerance and devotion, as her
mantra … AnllelaSagra began to feel better and more confident with her
opportunities from growing fans who have filled her life web account
in help and love for her. AnllelaSagra has amassed more in less than a year
over 1 million supporters of her various internet accounts.

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