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Naomi Campbell is a very famous actress. There is really no need to write
a lot about her because most of her fans and moviegoers know who she is.
However, here is some information about her. … Naomi Campbell
British model, actress and singer.

Naomi Campbell first hired a talent agency when she was just recently.
15 years old, and then she started her career as a popular model. Naomi
Campbell then became one of the most popular and recognizable models.
during the 1990s. Naomi Campbell was one of six models during her
time, which was declared ‘Supermodel’.

Naomi Campbell has exotic and edgy features, and she has appeared on
covers of many American and European fashion publications. Naomi
Campbell has also modeled for Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Elle.

Naomi Campbell is a multifaceted personality, and she is active not only in
modeling field, but expanded her career to include singing, acting,
and many business ventures … Naomi Campbell has participated in many
is engaged in charity work, and she contributes to many causes, as well as various events.

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