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Anya Chalotra was born in 1996 in Wolverhampton, England. Anya Chalotra
purchased in Lower Penn, a village in the south of Staffordshire. Anya Chalotra,
both parents are from India … Anya Chalotra studied at the Grammar of Saint Dominic.
School in Brewwood, Staffordshire, England. Anya Chalotra also went to
Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London. Anya Chalotra performed at
participated in many theatrical performances of her school. Anya Chalotra, after
after graduating from school, Anya Chalotra studied the nuances of acting in
the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Anya Chalotra made her
She made her television debut as Jennifer Ashman in Wanderlust. Ani Chalotra’s first episode
the series was on BBC One September 4, 2018, Wanderlust was also on
Netflix outside the UK. Anya Chalotra was in a relationship with
Honduran writer and journalist Juan F. Sanchez. Anya Chalotra loves
reading, shopping and travel.

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one . Anya Chalotra was born in 1996. she is now 24 years old.

2 . Anya Chalotra is an English actress known for her role as Jennifer.
Ashman: In the British drama Wanderlust.

3 . Anya Chalotra was born in Wolverhampton, England.

4 … Anya Chalotra made a purchase in Lower Penn, a town in South Staffordshire.

five . Anya Chalotra, both Indian parents.

6 . Anja Chalotra studied at the St. Dominic’s Gymnasium in Bruud,
Staffordshire, England.

7 . Ani Chalotra’s zodiac sign is Cancer.