58 Dana Delaney’s Sexy Photos Prove She’s A True Goddess

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better known as Dana Delaney was born on March 13 a year
1956. She is an American-born actress, producer and activist.
She is best known for her role as Colleen McMurphy on ABC.
TV series, China Beach, from 1988 to 1991. In this role, she was also
has won two Primetime Emmy Awards for Best Actress. Her
other famous films can be listed as ‘Light Dream’ (1992), ‘Entering Eden’
(1994), Fly Home (1996), Together with the Gravestone (1993), A Real Woman (1997),
Wide Awake (1998) and many others.

She is originally from New York City and was born and raised in the same place.
She has two brothers and sisters, one sister and a younger brother. She is mostly
belongs to the Irish as well as the English, and was also brought up as
Catholic girl. She has also played several major roles in the world of television.
which are part of her success … The list can be made like this: Pasadena (2011),
abducted (from 2006 to 2007), Presidio Med (from 2002 to 2003) and many others. Her
the main role in the series was in the series ‘Desperate Housewife’, from the year
2007 to 2010. She played the role of Catherine Mayfair in the show, which also
won the Prism Award in 2009.

Since the 1990s, she has participated in the Scleroderma Research.
The foundation, together with his friend, who raises funds and is working on finding
a medicine for scleroderma. In 2011, she also made the list
of the 100 most beautiful women in the world according to People’s magazine in April.