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Hottest Photos of Allison Mack, actress on Smallville. While we
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She is an American actress known for her performances as an actress.
character, Chloe Sullivan in Smallville and as character, Amanda in

In 2018, the actress became widely known as a high-ranking
member of NXIVM. This was a group that was accused of having sex.
human trafficking, blackmail, and forced labor. In April 2018, the actress
was arrested on charges of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

The actress was born in 1982 in Pritz to Jonathan’s parents.
singer and Mindy Mac. Allison Mack’s parents were in Germany as
Jonathan performed there … The actress has a brother, Shannon.
and also has a sister Robin.

She started her acting career at the age of four with several commercials.
for German chocolate.

Then the actress worked as a model for a while, as her mother thought that she
looked cute in clothes.

By 2006, the actress voiced the sister of the protagonist Ant.
Bully. Allison Mack also voiced the character Clea, Museum.
curated in Batman. The actress voiced Power Girl in Superman / Batman:
Enemies of the state.

By 2012, the actress had landed a role in Wilfred’s season 2. IN
The actress played the character, Amanda, Ryan’s love interest.

She then returned to Wilfred for an episode of the final season. By 2015
The actress tweeted that she will appear on American Odyssey as
character, Julia.

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