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Alodia Goziengfiao was born on March 9, 1988 and is a versatile Filipina who
seasoned cosplayer, model, artist, singer, and recording artist.
AlodiaGosiengfiao is one of the representatives and celebrities supporting
Animax Asia. She is also a VJ and prank co-host on ABS-CBN. Locally
and all over the world, AlodiaGosiengfiao has made its presence in magazines, newspapers
and TV show … The name of the famous celebrity Alodia Goziengfyao is mentioned in
100 sexiest women in the Philippines and ranked 87th
2009 and 76th in 2010. In the country of the Philippines,
AlodiaGosiengfiao has been named one of the most powerful women.

Living in Quezon City, Philippines, she loves art, fashion, gadgets,
video games, photography, collecting toys and figurines. AlodiaGosiengfiao
also knows how to play the piano. The name AlodiaGosiengfiao was chosen by her
mom from a name book; Alodia means love and Almira means princess.
Coming from a mixture of Filipino, Chinese and Spanish heritage,
AlodiaGosiengfiao’s father is Filipino Chinese, and her mother is
Filipino-Spanish. Alodia Gosiengfiao’s father’s name is Mariglor and Ed
Gosiengfiao respectively. She has a sister who is younger than her.
Alodia Goziengfiao’s sister is named Ashley Goziengfiao. … Once
AlodiaGosiengfiao, Ashley is also a cosplayer and model.

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