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Roselyn Sanchez was born on April 2, 1973. She is a singer.
songwriter, actress, model producer as well as writer. On TV Roselyn Sanchez
well known for her roles as the character Elena Delgado in No Trace
and also Carmen Luna in Treacherous Maids. In films he appeared in
Rush Hour 2, Boat Trip, Game Plan, and Act of Valor. In Puerto Rico,
Roselyn Sanchez has earned a lot of public attention as a dancer and her partner.
hosted by Qué Vacilón. In 1993, Roselyn Sanchez received the Miss.
Puerto Rico Petite competition, and in 1994 Roselyn Sanchez
received the title of Miss American Petite … bringing her international fame.
Roselyn Sanchez has been named in many beautiful women’s titles such as Maxim magazine.
100 most popular in 2001, 2002 and 2006, 99 most popular sites on AskMen.com.
Desired women in 2005, as well as in 2006; and 100 of the sexiest according to FHM magazine
Women in the year 2005 as well as 2006.

In 2001, Roselyn Sanchez played the role of Isabella.
Molina, an undercover U.S. agent and Jackie Chan’s love
interest. In 2003, Roselyn Sanchez played the role
character, Lorena in Chasing Papi and she played with Haki Velazquez and
See also Sofia Vergara. Roselyn Sanchez has starred in 20 films, including:
played the roles of Mary in Edison, and Karen Lopez in First Grader.

In 2003, the very first musical recording of Roseline Sanchez, Borinqueña,
was released. The first single from this album titled Amor Amor received acclaim
a lot of attention … Roselyn Sanchez appeared in the Craig David film.
music videos – Hidden Agenda as well as Personal.

In 2005, Roselyn Sanchez joined No Trace where she
played the role of agent Elena Delgado. Roselyn Sanchez composed
musical yellow. This film was filmed in 2005 and was released.
in 2007. Roselyn Sanchez played the role of Monique
The game plan, and in 2009 Roselyn Sanchez starred in the movie Perfect.
Sleep. In 2011, Roselyn Sanchez appeared as a guest on
Rizzoli and Islands.

In 2012, Roselyn Sanchez starred in the film ‘Insidious Maids’, created by
Mark Cherry.

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