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Sydney Sweeney was born on September 12, 1997 and is very
a well-known actress and is also known for her roles in the role of the character, Haley
Karen in Shelter and Emaline Addario in Everybody Sucks!
Sydney Sweeney also played the character of Eden in Hulu.
The show is called The Handmaid’s Tale. Sydney Sweeney appeared in
HBO’s Sharp Objects starring Amy Adams. Sydney Sweeney is also a guest
starred in series such as Criminal Minds, Pretty Little Liars, 90210, B
Anatomy of a Vault and Gray.

Sydney Sweeney played a recurring role in season 2 of the original show Hulu.
The Handmaid’s Tale as a character, Eden, devout and
obedient girl … Sydney Sweeney will appear in a new film titled
Clementine and also with Andrew Garfield in Under the Silver Lake.
In 2018, it was announced that Sydney Sweeney would play with
Zendaya in Euphoria.

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