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Cheryl Jean Stoppelmour was born on July 12, 1951, is an American actress.
singer and author. She was born in Huron, South Dakota as a second daughter.
Dolores, waitress, and Marion Stoppelmour (1929-2001), railway worker
engineer. She married her fellow actor David Ladd, and they had a daughter,
Jordan … She took his last name as hers and kept it after the divorce.

Ladd came to Hollywood to pursue a career in music (she was known as ‘Cherie
Moor ‘was Melody’s singing voice at the time and before on Hannah
Barbera from Josie and the Cats, and she sang on
1970s self-titled album. Soon she began to get non-singing roles.
in commercials and television, including guest roles in shows such
like The Newbies, Partridge Family, Policewoman, The Muppets and Happy
Days. Her breakout acting role came in 1977 when she was cast on ABC.
TV series, Charlie’s Angels, where she replaced star Farrah Fawcett,
who left the show to pursue a career on the big screen … After Charlie’s Angels,
Ladd went on to be a well-known television personality and starred in over 30 films made for
Television films, including Grace Kelly, the Philadelphia heiress who
become the main Hollywood glamor girl, and then a European princess in
biopic filmed shortly before Kelly’s death.

Among her works are in the films Purple Hearts (1984), Millennium (1989), Poison Ivy.
(1992), Standing Midnight (1998) and Unforgettable (2017). In 1996
Ladd published a children’s book ‘The Adventures of Little Nettie’.
Windship. In 2005, she published Token Chick: A Woman’s Guide to Golf With
The Boys, an autobiographical book about her love of golf. For
For several years, Ladd hosted Buick sponsored golf tournaments.

In September 2000, Ladd appeared on Broadway and took on the lead role.
by Bernadette Peters in the revival of Irving Berlin’s opera Annie, You Have a Gun … On
On April 17, 2010, Ladd and her Angels co-star Jacqueline Smith received the award.
2010 TV Land Pop Culture Award for Charlie’s Angels. In the same year she
starred in the TV movie Love’s Everlasting Courage for the Hallmark channel.
which aired on October 1, 2011. In the same month, she also starred as a guest star on
NCIS in season 9 of Thirst as a love interest
forensic scientist Dr. Donald Ducky Mallard. December 1, 2011 she is a guest
starred in an episode of the TV series ‘Chuck’, where she played the mother of Sarah Walker.

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