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Alina Baraz is an American singer and songwriter. Alina Baraz was born
September 24, 1993 in Cleveland, Ohio. Alina Baraz is known
album release with Danish electro musician Galimatias … Alina Baraz
income comes from her professional singing career. Alina Baraz writes to her
the first lyrical drift in 2013, and in the interval up to
2018. Alina Baraz’s fortune is about $ 200. Alina Baraz releases
hundreds of hits, songs and albums, from which she collects a decent amount
salary. Alina Baraz was born into a Ukrainian family. Alina Baraz first
the child in her family was born in America. Alina Baraz brought her up on the classics.
music, and she herself was interested in the music of the 90s and musicians such
like Adele, Amy Vine House and Corinne Bailey Rae. Alina Baraz began to sing in
at a very young age in her gospel choir. Alina Baraz has a pet named Great

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one . Alina Baraz was born on September 24, 1993, now she is 25 years old.

2 . Alina Baraz is a Native American.

3 . Alina Baraz is an American singer and songwriter.

4 . Alina Baraz decided to travel to Los Angeles, California at 19 to continue
singing as a professional career.

five … Alina Baraz begins to develop a passion for songwriting and writing for her.
the first song called Roses Dipped in Gold.

6 . Alina Baraz’s zodiac sign is Libra.