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Savannah Prez was born on May 16, 1996. Savannah Pre is a Belgian bodybuilder.
and fitness model known as the Belgian IFBB bikini champion in
2015 year … Savannah Prez also has a representative for the Body Engineers brand.
Savannah Prez started posting on Instagram in 2014 and then came
second in 2014 at the Belgian Bikini Championship. Savannah Prez has
more than 650,000 followers on Instagram, and also ranked third in a year
2014 in the Flex Cup. Savannah Prez was born and raised in Belgium, but
sometimes posts in English. Savannah Prez and Courtney Alexis King
competed like the pros of IFBB Bikini. Savannah Prez was very active. Savannah Prez
In high school, she loved playing basketball for hundreds of different teams.
But Savannah Prez didn’t like days with fixed training days and hours –
Savannah Prez wanted to play sports in which she could decide.

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one . Savannah Prez was born on May 16, 1996 and is now 23 years old.

2 . Savannah Pre is a Belgian bodybuilder and fitness model who is doing well.
known for being the Belgian IFBB Bikini Champion in 2015.

3 . Savannah Prez is also a Body Engineers brand ambassador.

4 … Savannah Prez started posting on Instagram in 2014 and came
2nd at the 2014 Belgian Bikini Championships.

five . Savannah Prez has 650,000 Instagram followers, ranked third
Flex cup in 2014.