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Tatyana Kotova Nikolaevna Tatyana Kotova, pseudonym Tatyana Kotova was born
September 3, 1985. Tatiana Kotova was born in the city of Sholokhov, Rostov.
place of action, USSR. Tatyana Kotova is a Russian artist, entertainer, TV presenter.
character. Tatyana Kotova is Miss Russia 2006 and
previous soloist of the Ukrainian female pop rally Nu Virgos … In 2006
Tatyana Kotova won the title of Miss Russia and had the opportunity to communicate with
Russia in the Miss World 2007 and Miss Universe 2007 Challenges. Tatiana
Kotova was one of the favorites of the Miss Universe 2007 competition, but she did not achieve success.
semi-final. Tatyana Kotova is the third Russian woman who became interested
and Miss Universe, and Miss World after Anna Malova and Svetlana Goreva. From
From March 2008 to April 2010 Tatyana Kotova was a soloist of the pop group ‘Nu’.
Virgins who supplanted Vera Brezhnev. Tatyana Kotova now works in
performing profession. Tatyana Kotova conceived on September 3, 1985 in g.
Sholokhovsky Rostov region in a small affectionate family. Her dad Nikolai
Kotov, worked as an excavator, truck driver, and later went into business.

Tatyana Kotova’s mother, Marina Tatyana Kotova, worked in a bank. Tatiana Kotova
there is a younger sister Ekaterina … Tatyana Kotova took part in her first
challenged Miss Autumn 98 at school and won the Miss Charm title.
While studying at the Faculty of Economics of the Southern Federal University.
(SFedU). Tatiana Kotova was invited to a lesson in the office. In June
2010 Tatyana Kotova took on the role of Ksenia Morozova’s agent on the TV show.
the opera drama ‘Happiness’ is somewhere closely coordinated by Vasily Mishchenko. IN
Since September 2010, Tatiana Kotova has started to study performing music. Melody
as part of Irina Dubtsova turned into her opening solo single. Video
coordinated by Alan Badoev. The second single was titled Red on Red. It was
compiled by Alexei Romanov. In 2010, Tatyana Kotova turned into
TV moderator. Tatyana Kotova compared the Style Emergency Help program to Muz
TV – channel, combined with the creator Max Chernitsov. September 28 in g.
In 2010, Tatyana Kotova gave a solo performance in St. Petersburg.
Petersburg … Tatiana Kotova showed the melody of Vampiritsa. In this moment
The arrival of the Obladi and Harmony singles for tough men continued.

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