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Tia Carrere was born on January 2, 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii, in
United States. Her father was Alexander Janeiro, an investor, and her mother was
Audrey Dukhinio January, PC Administrator. Tia Carrere from the Philippines,
Chinese and Spanish heritage. Tia Carrere underwent examination at the Academy of Sacred Hearts in
Honolulu … At the age of seventeen, her extraordinary appearance attracted the attention of the public.
supermarket from the manufacturer. To pursue her profession, Tia Carrere went
to Los Angeles. After working for a while as a model, Tia Carrere
was cast on a huge job in the American restoration show ‘General Hospital’.
Tia Carrere stayed on the show for a long time, taking over the job
understudy for a nurse named Jade. Tia Carrere went on to appear in several different
shows, for example, ‘MacGyver’ and ‘Anything But Love.’ Having appeared
in several films, for example, Fine Gold in 1989, Moment Karma in
1990 and Little Tokyo Opposition 1991.
Carrere became popular thanks to the 1992 parody of Wayne’s World. His spin-
off Wayne’s World 2 was released a year later, where Tia Carrere
repeated her work as the affectionate enthusiasm of protagonist Wayne.

Tia Carrere released her first album, Dream, in 1993.
delivered by Matt Prince … Tia Carrere won the Saturn Award for
Best Supporting Actress for Performance in an award-winning 1994 satire
‘Genuine lie.’ Displays understandable on-screen characters such as Arnold.
Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, the film also won an Oscar
designation. In the late 1990s, she stood out among the most important pieces.
at TV when Tia Carrere took the lead role in 1999 Canadian Television.
series ‘Hunter for relics’. The series is centered around Sydney Fox, played through
Carrere, an educator who travels the world in search of old curious people. IN
show, which included components of both the extraordinary world and the scientific
fi, became popular all over the world and was distributed in several countries around the world.
Globe. Publicity until 2002 … Consistently, Tia Carrere voiced a lot
TV series jobs such as Lilo & Stitch: Series per year
2003-2006, Megas XLR in 2004 and Johnny Bravo in 2005.
Her second album Hawaiiana, on which Tia Carrere has honorably collaborated.
record-breaking Daniel Ho was released in 2007.
nomination for a Grammy for Best Hawaiian Music Album. Her next
Album ‘Ikena’, released in 2008, which was directed by Ho again, won
her a Grammy.

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