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Bryce Dallas Howard was born on March 2, 1981 in Los Angeles, California, in
Ron Howard and his wife Cheryl. She is the eldest of four children and
The middle name comes from the city in which she was conceived.

Bryce Dallas Howard is no stranger to the show business profession. She is the third
her family’s generation to act. Her grandparents, Rance and Jean Howard, were
stage actors. Her father Ron Howard starred in his first film when he was
only 18 months … Her uncle Clint is also an actor and she
goddaughter of Henry Winkler, who starred with his father in the hit ABC
sitcom, Happy Days.

However, just as Ron Howard’s parents tried to keep him
childhood years were as normal as possible, Bryce’s parents were also careful
about his children growing up in the Hollywood spotlight and protecting them
as much of it as possible. As a result, Bryce Dallas Howard and her siblings
grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut. But being the daughter of one of the most
famous directors, it was difficult to escape the spotlight.

But bearing the name Howard was a heavy burden, and the actress considered
threw it completely as she felt her name was too adult-like
the name of the movie star. So she went to Tisch School of the Arts in New York.
University, where in 2003 she received a bachelor’s degree in drama. … Howard married her
longtime boyfriend Seth Gable in 2006, he has two children – Theodore and

She appeared with her mom in the 1995 film Apollo 13, which was
Directed by her father.

She starred in several films by M. Night Shyamalan, including ‘The Village’ and
Lady in the water. In 2009, she played the vampire Victoria in the third
She also starred as Gwen Stacy in the third Spider-Man film. Her other film
credits include Manderlay, As You Like It, The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond and
Terminator Salvation, Future Life with Matt Damon and 50/50 with Joseph

Bryce Dallas Howard became best known for her role as Hillie Holbrook in
film adaptation of ‘Help’. Her counterpart Jessica Chastain also
starred, but Chastain’s hair was dyed blonde so fans wouldn’t understand
confused between two … Both actresses often joke in public about how much
they get confused with each other, which prompted Howard to even sing the song
on social media, she called ‘I’m not Jessica Chastain.’

Bryce Dallas Howard also starred in the big-budget Hollywood reboot of the Jurassic.
Peace vs. Chris Pratt as Claire Deering. The film premiered in 2015.
became her most successful film. She reprized her role in 2018 in Jurassic.
World: Fallen Kingdom and signed up for the third part.

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