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She is best known by her stage names Buffie the Body and Buffie Carruth.
American fitness instructor, model, actress, and writer.

She grew up in Athens and is the third child in a family of seven.

When she was a teenager, she was malnourished. Buffy Carrut went to
nutritionist and started taking shakes for weight gain.

By 2001, she was starting to gain weight. … By 2004, she met
photographer at the club and hired him for a photo shoot in a swimsuit and
thought that the photos would be a gift to her boyfriend … Photographer,
however, published these photos on the Internet, and also sent links to various
sites that hosted images.

By 2004, these photos were posted on the Yahoo group, and within one week
20,000 people signed up to see them and then contacted the model.
by Tony Yayo.

For four months, Buffy Carrut starred in a video clip in
music video for Tony Yayo and 50 Cent on So Seductive.

By 2005, Buffy Carroot had launched and even expanded her site:

She also appeared many times in Black Men, Black Men SSX, Vibe, Smooth,
King, XXL and Source … By 2012, Buffy Carroot reported that
Black Men SSX was the only magazine that paid her.

By 2006, the DVD Buffie the Body Presents Larger Than Life had been released and
There have been many memorable moments from Buffy Carrut’s career.

She appeared on The Tyra Banks Show and talked about her.
body transformation.

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