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In particular, wrestling and WWE were dominated by men. Female
there are few wrestlers, and they are unlikely to have the same popularity as their men
analogs. However, there are a few exceptions, and Maria Menounos is one of them.
such a case where a female wrestler influenced … It’s even more
it is commendable that she did this, despite the fact that she entered the wrestling ring in a larger
age is more than normal. However, there is more to this brave lady, and also
was an excellent presenter and news anchor, in addition to being a capable TV presenter
personality and businesswoman.

Now 41 years old, she was born on June 8, 1978.
She is from Massachusetts in the United States of America. She’s good-
folded physique suitable for wrestling and having the necessary height
because she is five feet eight inches tall.

She is best known for her wrestling with WWE, but before that she had
has had a long and varied career. She was a serious journalist and then
indoor entertainment for companies like Entertainment Tonight and Access

‘Fantastic Four’, ‘The Adventures of Constant Friends’ and ‘Longtime Listener’ are some of the
films with which she was associated, sometimes as an actor, sometimes
as a producer and in other cases as a director … Hosted popular shows
like the Today Show and a game show called Clash of the Choirs.

She has starred in music videos such as the one with Jessica Simpson as well as
featured in advertisements for Pantene and many other brands.

As a wrestler and as a presenter, she lit up the WWE arena and even at this age she
performer worth paying attention to.

She married recently, in 2017, to Keven Undgaro and other details.
her privacy is strictly guarded.

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