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Leslie Mann is a very famous actress. Leslie Mann appeared in
many films such as George of the Jungle, Big Daddy (1999), The Cable Guy
(1996), Perfume (2001), Time Code (2000), 40 Year Old Virgin (2005),
The Harvard Kidnapping, Raised Up, Funny People (2009), 17 Again (2009), Rio
(2011), I Love You, Philip Morris (2009), Variations, Bling Ring, It
40 years old (2012), Vacation (2015), Another Woman, How to Be Single (2016) and
See also, Blockers (2018) … Leslie Mann was married to Judd Apatow. Leslie
Mann began her career in her youth and has starred in television.
commercials … In 1996, Leslie Mann appeared in
The Cable Guy, George Jungle Sam Weisman with Brendan Fraser, Freaks &
Geeks, Big Daddy with Adam Sandler and Orange County with Jack Black.

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