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Kat Dennings was born Catherine Victoria Litvak in 1986 on June 13th.
Hollywood actress from Bryn More, Pennsylvania, United States of America.
She made her debut as an actress on the HBO drama comedy series Sex and the City, where
she appeared in one of the episodes. Kat Dennings then continued to play
films since 2005 including a 40-year-old virgin per year
2005, Big Momma’s House 2 in 2006, Charlie Bartlett in 2007,
The House Bunny in 2008, Nick and Nora’s endless playlist
2008, 2009 Defender and Thor and Thor: The Dark World
2011 and 2013 respectively.

As a child, Kat Dennings was homeschooled and attended school for half a day in
Friends Central School … When Kat Dennings was 14, she
graduated from high school and moved to Los Angeles with her entire family for
The goal is an acting career, full time. As a professional artist,
Kat Dennings bore the Dennings name as her movie personality. During
2011-2017 Kat Dennings was part of 2 Broke Girls, a CBS sitcom
she performed with Beth Behrs. Kat Dennings was born and raised in
Pennsylvania city at Bryn Mawr. Born among four other siblings, Kat
Dennings was the youngest child in the family after Ellen Judith’s parents.
Litvak and Gerald J. Litvak, poets, speech therapist and
pharmacologist, respectively. Kat Dennings comes from a Jewish family.

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