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Anastasia Kvitko was born on November 25, 1994, is engaged in entrepreneurship.
and glamorous model from Kaliningrad, Russia. Her native is
in the western part of Russia, in the Kaliningrad region … Anastasia
Kvitko, who later moved to the United States of America, during her late
teenage years. Initially, Anastasia Kvitko moved to Miami to study
modeling. After a short period in Miami, Anastasia Kvitko moved to the city.
Los Angeles to start a modeling career.

Anastasia Kvitko is known for her ideal figure 38-24-42 years old. Message
Rejected by many agencies, Anastasia Kvitko decided to push herself and do
mark with a perfect figure, instead of calling it a departure. With her
stunningly beautiful physique Anastasia Kvitko told in social networks,
to expand her presence, a post she has garnered over six million subscribers to
Instagram, and has also been dubbed as the Russian version of Kim Kardashian. Her
comparability with Kim Kardashian was not received positively by fans and
subscribers, as they criticized, saying that Anastasia Kvitko deliberately
trying to look like a former celebrity … Anastasia Kvitko, however, in
interview, brushed aside all comments and said that I like Kim Kardashian, but
I don’t really like being compared – she is far behind me. In another
In an interview given in 2016, Anastasia Kvitko said that during her
during her stay in Miami, she was robbed at gunpoint, because of which she
disagreements about the country and its career.

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