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The hottest Layla El bikini photos that will make you melt like an ice cube. IN
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This carefully curated image gallery will feature some of Layla El’s sexiest bikinis.
pictures that will make you fall in love with her. Layla El is very talented
English model and dancer. She is also known as a wrestler.

After Leila El studied at some performing arts college, she
dancer for Carnival Cruise Lines, Miami Heat National franchise
Basketball Association. She then joined National Basketball.
Miami Heat Association franchise.

She won the championship ring of the Miami Heat dance troupe, and Leila El
also appeared with John Legend. It is also known that she danced
for P … Diddy and Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The famous wrestler also danced for rapper Kanye West on one MTV.
Video Music Awards, and by 2006 Leila El had become a member of the WWE Diva.

Leila El made her debut on the SmackDown brand and then
moved to ECW by 2007, and here Leila El formed
Troupe Extreme Exposé with Kelly Kelly and Brooke Adams.

In 2008, she was promoted to the Raw brand, and Laila El began
managing director William Rega. By the next year she was back at SmackDown
and then she formed an alliance with Michelle McCool.

In 2010, Leila El won the WWE Women’s Championship for the first time.
time, and now she is the first Briton ever to win a championship.

By 2012, Leila El had earned herself the WWE Divas title after
she returned from a year hiatus due to serious injury … Layla El
it is known that this championship was held until September of the same year, and
she then retired by 2015.

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