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Born on January 6, 1994 under the name Katriona Eliza Magnion Gray.
Australian model, theater actress, singer, set designer and beauty contestant.
title holder to win the Miss Universe 2018 competition. She is the fourth Filipina
win the crown … Before her, Gray was the winner of the Miss World of the Philippines.
Feb 2016

Gray was born in Cairns, Queensland, Australia to a Scottish father,
Ian Gray from Fraserburg and a Filipino mother named Normita Ragas Magnion
from Oas, Albay. Gray is named after her paternal grandmother, Catherine Gray,
who immigrated to Western Australia from Scotland in 1952.

Gray attended Trinity Anglican School in Cairns, where she used to be a home.
captain and school choir. Received a master’s degree in music.
theory of the online school of the Berkeley College of Music in Boston,
Massachusetts. Then she received a certificate in outdoor recreation and
black belt in martial arts Choi Kwando. Not only that, Gray also happened
be the lead singer of your school’s jazz band and star in local productions
miss saigon … After graduating from high school, she moved to Manila.
where she worked as a commercial model.

On March 18, 2018, she won the crown of Miss Universe Philippines 2018 by version
outgoing title holder Rachel Peters. Gray was the representative of the Philippines
in the Miss Universe 2018 pageant on December 17, 2018, organized by IMPACT
Arena, Muang Thong Thaniin Nonthaburi province, Thailand. In the end, Gray won
competition and she was crowned by the outgoing Demi-Lee crown holder
Nel-Peters from South Africa. She is the fourth girl from the Philippines to win
Miss Universe pageant after Gloria Diaz (1969), Margarita Moran (1973) and Pia
Würzbach in 2015.

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one . Katriona in these sparkling two blue dresses shows off her toned
the body is excellent.

2 . This close-up shows Gray’s slender figure and stunning facial features.

3 . Red swimsuit with plunging neckline and inviting Gray pose.
makes this frame spectacular.

4 . Gray is seen here in a black strapless bikini and white underwear.
looks amazing when it comes out of the water.

five … The gray on this ramp makes the heads turn in this black speckled blue two
the piece smiles broadly at everyone.

6 . In this adorable photo she is wearing
white swimsuit combined with beautiful gold accessories.

7 . In this shot, the outfit is a little off-standard, with a brown swimsuit and
big hat, but even then Gray’s beauty is not diminished or suppressed.

8 . This yellow outfit combined with bright sunlight creates stunning
the model looks like a goddess.

nine . This pink strapless swimsuit enhances the glamor of the photo.
a hundred steps, and Gray’s expression gives the frame an edge.

ten . Here, every part of Ekaterin is ideal for T, starting with its longest
and silky hair to her beautiful pose in a white ensemble.

eleven . Gray looks stunning and timeless in this monochrome button
her beauty in this black dress.

12 . This backless outfit enhances the painting’s sensuality by
a thousand steps.

13 … Katriona, captured in her comfort zone, poses without makeup and
beautiful red swimsuit with print.

14 . This red Catriona outfit increases the heat in
this shot is sure to make a lot of men drool.

fifteen . This cover shows that Gray is a future star when she turns her head.
this elegant leopard style makeup and outfit.

Ekaterin Gray is the most beautiful woman in the universe, and it was
proven. For the Philippines, it has become a kind of tradition to come and rule
The Miss Universe beauty pageant, and Ekaterin Gray is no exception. It
a sight to behold, her skin glowing and her eyes full of gaze. Her figure has
aptest and best measurements … She is so attractive overall that she became
the most successful Asian beauty queen of all time, as she also ranked high in
Miss World 2016 contest.

Koko Araiha Suparurk, Thailand’s beauty queen, faced massive backlash when she
made some highly questionable comments about Gray. She dishonored Gray with her body
Instagram. She has not yet made any statements on this matter.