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Amy Lee was born on December 13, 1981 under the name Amy Lynn Hartzler.
singer, lyricist, and piano instrumentalist. Born in
Riverside, California, United States of America, Amy Lee –
co-founder as well as lead singer of the rock band Evanescence … Besides
from working with the group Amy Lee also shared her performance
with other musical projects, including Nightmare Revisited, and
The Muppets: A Green Album from Walt Disney Records. Also, Amy Lee
also teamed up her performances with other music artists including Korn,
Seter, and also David Hodges. Besides being involved in the music industry,
Amy Lee has also acted as background music in films such as War History
2014, Indigo Gray: The Passage in 2015 with
instrumentalist Dave Eggar and sang the song Speak to Me for the film,
Voice from Stone, 2017.

Amy Lee’s vocal range is at the mezzo-soprano level. Amy Lee got
Songwriter Icon Award from the National Association of Music Publishers in
year 2008. In 2012, Amy Lee won the Best Female Vocalist award at
Revolver Golden Gods Awards, in addition to the title of Goddess of Rock
of the year during the Loudwire Music Awards … Amy Lee got the best movie
Indigo Gray Movie Prize: Moon Dance Walkthrough
International Film Festival, 2015. Besides a musical career,
Amy Lee is also a public figure and is known as the chairman.
Out of the Epilepsy Awareness Foundation International Program

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Beyond the mind-blowing images that will show you Amy Lee on the red carpet
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one … For this shoot, the singer dons a super grungy and gothic look. it
looks menacing and sexy at the same time.

2 . Cat eyes and gray irises make her look like a fictional
character than a person.

3 . Amy poses for a high fashion magazine with an ornate hairdo,
a gray cotton dress and an interesting corset.

4 . In this photo, the singer exudes the vibes of a vampire bride. However, she looks
quite pretty, with a black crown and drops of blood on the walls.

five . Amy seems to have chosen the gothic vampire for her timeless aesthetic.

6 . In this photo, it seems like her eyes are all talking as she sits motionless like
obedient girl. However, her eyes and grin want to tell a different story.

7 . Amy is endowed with such an appearance that will look beautiful and pretty
even after killing someone.

8 . The singer is presented in a rather bright make-up and outfit … She has ribbons
in hair and sporty blue eye makeup.

nine . In this photo, Amy looks smart and pretty. She wears brown
strapless dress, matching diamond earrings and brown eye makeup.

ten . In this photo, Lee looks super casual and fresh. Her long braids look
super good in this photo.

eleven . Amy takes part in a thematic photo shoot, where she lies over the rocks.
near the sea. She looks like a mermaid that must have been flooded.

12 . Her blue eyes are accentuated by a blue mesh dress. … The shade is
brilliant that you can’t stop looking into her eyes.

13 . Amy seems to be reading the letter in this interesting outfit.

14 . On the red carpet, the star is dressed in a black brocade dress.
bright red lipstick and a neat bun.

fifteen . Amy definitely has her own style … She is wearing a black T-shirt and
a three-tiered skirt paired with pink wedge sandals.

Amy Lee is a great singer and pianist best known for her contributions to
Evanescence group. She is an extremely talented mezzo-soprano singer.
vocal range.

Along with her group, Lee’s other projects were Walt Disney Records.
Repetition of Nightmare and Dolls: Green Album. Lee also wrote
soundtrack for the films ‘War History’ (2014) and Indigo Gray: The Passage (2015)
with cellist Dave Eggar and the song Speak to Me for the film Voice from
Stone (2017).

A synonym for Lee should be heavenly. She looks out of the box and it seems like she came out
the world. Her eyes are so bright and beautiful that it seems like they
look into your soul.

Amy Lee and her group were recently accused by a group of hackers of hiding.
child pornography. Not only were they also accused of coercion
teenager to take his own life.