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Holly Holm was born on October 17, 1981 and Holly Holm is a very lover.
famous American mixed martial arts fighter, and she competes in the Ultimate
Wrestling championship … Holly Holm is a former UFC women’s bantamweight champion.
Champion and former professional boxer, Holly Holm also
kickboxer. Holly Holm was a multiple world boxing champion, and
Holly Holm has defended her titles 18 times in 3 weight classes, and
two-time Ring magazine fighter in 2005 and 2006. Holly Holm was
took 3rd place among professional boxers among women according to BoxRec.

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one . This photo clearly shows the toned and curvaceous body of the wrestler.
she stands in multicolored sportswear.

2 . This close-up shows Holly in her roughest form, as if she
proclaiming her perfection in every feature she has.

3 … This side profile is very attractive and inspiring as these red two details
bikini showcases sexy wrestler figure.

4 . It is understood that Holly is trying to promote this drink, but unfortunately
This bikini focuses on her pretty face.

five . A very candid shot, but very sensual because of Hill’s wet body and sexuality.
two-piece set.

6 . Holm poses confidently in her sportswear, flaunting her
die for abs.

7 . The selfie showcases her as the typical American girl next door.
she poses in a T-shirt with a simple medallion and a hair bun.

8 . Another selfie without makeup, Holly proved to be an inspiration for
everyone who is struggling with self-esteem problems.

nine . Once in the gym, Holm seems to be happy with her workout and judging by
she has every right to be her body.

ten … Holly is posing here with a bouquet of beautiful flowers, but her pretty face
takes all the attention and concentration.

eleven . Here Hill has a young and vibrant energy posing in a white T-shirt and

12 . Holly seems tired of her travels, but we are not at all tired of
her sweet and sweet face.

13 . An MMA artist takes a photo in the middle of a beautiful posing nature.
in a white top and shorts.

14 . Holly looks horny and ready for a facial expression in these sportswear.
take on everything and everyone.

fifteen . The hill looks gloomy, but combat gear in hand and posture
increase the brightness of the image.

For every UFC fighter, especially women, Holly Holm is nothing more than
inspiration. As a woman in this profession, she showed
everything that even participation in such an aggressive business is not
automatically means you need to lose beauty or attractiveness … Even though
her sweat in a ring, her pretty face glows, and her washboard press adds in
the massive path to complete equipment. Her career is what every fighter strives for.
because she is a multiple world boxing champion who defended her
18 titles in three weight categories, as well as a two-time Ring magazine
fighter of the year (2005, 2006). It was regularly advertised as one of the
the most influential personalities in the world of wrestling.

Holm was poised to become the first world featherweight champion. But her
the fight against Rendami was mired in controversy when the Referee ignored
late blows to the scrum, inflicted by the opponent Holm, which weakened her and led to
loss of crushing. Holm was supported by fans and many experts.