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The hottest pictures of Karis van Houten. While we talk about her
performances and actresses in general, now we want to give you a ride
via photo gallery Karis van Houten. This carefully curated image gallery will be
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Karis van Houten was born on September 5, 1976 and is very
famous actress and also singer. Karis van Houten was born to a writer and
also theater and radio producer Theodor van Houten. Karis van Houten
sister named Elka is an actress.

Karis van Houten became acquainted with the performing arts at a very young age.
she studied at the Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Art, and
Theater School Kleinkunstakademi. The very first major role of Karis van Houten
in Suzy Q, and it earned her one Golden Calf.

Karis van Houten was then recognized for her work in
film, Black Book … It is still the most commercially successful Dutch
movie. For this, Karis van Houten earned her second Golden Calf in the Best category.
Chicago Film Critics Association-nominated actress
European Film Academy; and the Society for Online Film Critics.

Karis van Houten was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor.
Actress for Valkyrie and she earned the fourth as well as the fifth Gold
Calf awards for Best Actress in a Happy Housewife, as well as Black

Since 2012, Karis van Houten has earned many international
recognition of her role as Melisandre on HBO TV
show, Game of Thrones … For this she was nominated for 2 Actors.
Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

After Karis van Houten met a musician and actor, Guy Pearce in
Year, 2015, next year her first child was born.

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one … Karis looks amazing here in this nude pose wearing an exotic headdress.

2 . In this light fastening, the neckline Caris and the minimalistic gold accessory highlight
Central stage.

3 . The Game of Thrones actress looks great in this haute couture outfit that
perfectly demonstrates her juicy pieces.

4 . This nude pose of Karis is enough to make any man’s heart beat.

five . Karis is posing here in a simple striped blue shirt dress that looks intense.
into the camera.

6 . This navy blue outfit perfectly complements Karis’s curves.

7 . This painting looks like a literal painting with bright Karis makeup like
she poses holding her clothes.

8 . Karis looks like a literal angel when posing in this light
outfit looks directly into the camera.

nine . Karis poses here in a stunning purple outfit, the main attraction of this
the frame is the view of her nipples through the dress.

ten … In this side profile, Karis smiles gracefully at the camera, wearing
the stunning dress barely contained her growing breasts.

eleven . The actress poses seductively in a black T-shirt, pulling on the strap.
drawing attention to their assets.

12 . Candice looks very stylish and elegant in this monochrome theme.
looking up in a hat and a dress with a plunging neckline.

13 . Karis is here posing for the camera nude, covering her body

14 . Karis looks stunning in this flowy, printed dress that adorns the perfect makeup.
and decorations.

fifteen . Karis looks happy with that beaming smile in her black shirt and
jeans shorts.

Game of Thrones was a show filled with action and sex. Therefore, every actor
participating in it, had a certain sensuality, so much so that it
may break the screen. But someone outshines even her co-stars
the department was Karis Van Houten as Melisandre … Her nude scenes have become
the most attractive of the show. Her perky tits and bony body worked magic
maybe her character once failed.

Van Houten provided her own two cents highly controversial
final GOT. In her opinion, what she liked the most about the final
randomness, because it reflects real life, and like any random person
can take the strongest position in the world.