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Saniya Mirza was born on November 15, 1986 and is very famous.
professional tennis player. Saniya Mirza – Former World No … 1 for
doubles the discipline, and Saniya Mirza earned six Grand Slam titles during
her career.

From 2003 until Sania Mirza left singles for
In 2013, Saniya Mirza was named the # 1 player of India by the WTA.
in both of these categories. Throughout Sania Mirza’s career, she has
has established itself as one of the most successful Indian tennis players
and also one of the most famous and highly paid athletes in the country.

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one . Sania Mirza is adorable in Indian costume on a pretty face
features are the focus of the snap.

2 . This shot is really ironic as it shows how much power she holds on
tennis court.

3 . She looks elegant and gorgeous as her dress complements her.

4 … This image suggests that Sania can be charming and aggressive at the same time.

five . Fans love her aggressive nature, especially when she shows amazing
power in court.

6 . This event photo of the player is undoubtedly iconic as it
dazzling in blue saree.

7 . Sania looks glamorous and charismatic in a red dress and thick makeup.

8 . This image shows that she has a perfectly sculpted body.

nine . A tennis player’s smile is so charming that it can catch millions

ten . Sania looks elegant and sophisticated like a princess during her reign.
on the ramp.

eleven . Her candid photos on the ramp are always as powerful as she radiates
aggression and strength.

12 . This shot shows that the player has perfect body lines.

13 . Her tall slender legs and charming curves are the main attraction of this

14 … Sania can replace any fitness model, as her figure is perfectly fit.
making her look attractive.

fifteen . This photo will surely be loved by fans as it looks graceful and
stunning in this floral outfit.

Saniya Mirza in the 2000s in India was nothing more than a legend. People were
the thrill that an athlete of this level has entered
picture. She was also a huge sex symbol since her pictures are called Femme.
Fatal continued to circulate in the country. Her short skirt was the subject of discussion
on a variety of topics in the media. An important reason that it is long
and amazing legs. Combined with her lush and strong body, she is one of the
the sexiest tennis players in the world.

Mirza’s wedding to Shoaib Malik caused a mixed reaction in her
country, since Malik is Pakistani. Tensions between India and
Pakistan is well known … So for one of your greatest icons to marry someone from
Pakistan has been a huge pill for the citizens of India.