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Born as Michelle Lynn Monaghan on March 23, 1976, in Winthrop, Iowa, she
American actress. Monaghan is of Irish and German descent and was raised as a
Catholic. She graduated from East Buchanan High School in 1994 . After
prom, she went to Chicago to study journalism at Columbia College,
Chicago, and started modeling.

It is modeled in Milan, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong, as well as in
States. With just a semester of her journalism degree to go, she went to New York
York in 1999 to pursue an acting career.

In New York, she featured as a model in various magazines and catalogues before
debuted as an actress. Monaghan’s first two televised appearances were in
supporting role as Caroline Busse in episodes of Young Americans that aired
in 2000.

She also appeared on the January 19, 2001 episode of Law and Order: Special
A group of victims, and her debut on the big screen was in the film Spirits in the same
year when she played the role of Henrietta . Her next film also had her in
supporting role and it was the 2002 film Wrong starring Richard Gere and
Diane Lane.

Monaghan’s big break role came in 2002 when she starred in the TV series
The Boston audience where she played the role of Kimberly Woods. She appeared in
films He Works in the Family (2003), Winter Solstice, and Bourne
Excellence (both in 2004), and starred with Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer in
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in 2005.

She also appeared in Constantine in 2005, but, her role in the film was
cut, and her scenes were available on DVD under Remote Scenes. She’s co-or.s-
starred with Ben Stiller in Heartbreak Kid in 2007, and with Casey Affleck
in Gone Baby Gone.

She starred with Patrick Dempsey in Made Honor in 2008, and with Shia
LaBeouf in Eagle Eye. She also starred alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in The Source
Code and appeared as Diana Ford in Trucker . Monaghan also starred in HBO
true Detective anthology.

In April 2016, Monaghan joined Sean Christensen’s main cast
the independent film The Disappearance of Sidney Hall, which premiered on January 25,
2017, at the Sundance Film Festival. These sexy Michelle Monaghan bikinis
photos make you wonder how someone so beautiful can exist.

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1. Michelle poses nude so she shows off her side profile,
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2. The actress poses in a white bra and skirt of the same color,
emphasizing her abs.

3. Monaghan prepares to surf in a neon green top and black yoga pants,
showing off his perfect figure.

4. Michelle enjoys her time in a black bikini that shows off her toned arms
abs, and legs.

5 . The actress wowed in a sexy pose in a black and silky outfit that showcased
her hot hip and ample chest.

6. Michelle looks stunning in a green dress with a plunging neckline that
does a wonderful job of showcasing her cleavage.

7. She poses in black underwear and yellow high-heeled shoes, both of which make
wonderful work, emphasizing her gorgeous and long legs.

8. Michelle looks stunning and hot in a white bikini that highlights her
toned abs and legs as she posed on the beach.

9. In this photo, Michelle is dressed in a sexy red Santa outfit that makes
The perfect job of capturing it is enough cleavage.

10. The actress poses in a dark blue dress that shows off her sexy waist and
smooth breasts.

11. Monaghan poses in a green dress with a deep neckline, showing off her
smooth and sexy neckline.

12 . Michelle poses in a blue shirt and red bikini as they do a fine job
showing off her sexy and long legs.

13 . Michelle dos on a white attire while she sits in such a manner that
demonstrates her smooth and sexy pair of legs.

14. The actress wears a white and silky dress that shows off her
perfectly sexy breasts.

15. Monaghan poses casually still sexy at kitchen counter in white
outfit as she playfully smiles at the camera.

Michelle Monaghan is one of the desired faces for sure. Much of her role includes
her to be the object of love for the main male character. Fresh and
naivety that it brings reinforces this stereotype of character. We’ve seen it in
Made honor and mission impossible series . Other important roles
were in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), Gone Baby Gone (2007), Eagle Eye (2008),
Trucker (2008), Source Code (2011), Pixels (2015) and Patriots Day (2016).
She received a lot of applause for her turn in True Detective, where she played
Maggie Hart and was nominated for a Golden Globe. She is currently working in

Her turn as a magician with applause also became a source of criticism. Many people
thought her to be the only female character in the film she should have
the best written role was justified. In her response, Monaghan called it
view misleading and asked people to look at the season as a whole before