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Elle Macpherson is an actress, television personality, Australian model and
businessman … She joined modeling only to earn enough to buy law books.
She attended the University of Law of Sydney and came to New York to
Earn Money . Finally, she signed with Click Model Management. IN
In 1982, she made her debut as a model for the commercial Coca Cola company. then
her career began to gradually grow as a ramp model, magazine model, television
advertising, etc. She also became a producer and presenter. Her films have made
she is always green in the history of English cinema. South Kensington, Edge, Batman
Robin and The Mirror Has Two Faces are some of her most famous films.

As a child, she experienced the harsh realities of life. Her parents were
divorced when she was only ten years old. Both of her parents were healthy
installed, but they cannot live with each other. Anyway, she had two brothers and sisters
therefore, after the parents divorced, they began to live with their mother … Her
The mother was a nurse and decided to marry a wealthy man named Neil MacPherson.
Their new father was very kind and generous, and they decided to change their

In her personal life, she met several people. The media also spread
some rumors. Before marrying Gilles Bensimont, she was engaged to Billy Joel.
She later divorced and began dating Arpad Busson. She gave birth
with him two sons. But this time she could not continue it.
relationship and get engaged to Jeffrey Soffer, but a couple again
announced their breakup.

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