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Freida Pinto is a famous Indian actress who has starred in many films.
American and British films. She was born on October 18, 1984 to Frederick’s family and
Silvia Pinto in Mumbai, Maharashtra … Freuda grew up in Mumbai and completed her
study at the Carmel School of St. Joseph in Malad, Mumbai and her master’s
Degree from Saint Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Her hobby is watching movies
Listen to music, read books and travel.

She started her modeling career in 2005. Worked as a model in
as many brands as Scoda, De Beers, eBay, Viscard, Regli and many more
NewsPaper envelopes and fashion shows. She also participated in the campaign for India.
Today. She worked for English-language travel magazines in 2006 and
2007 year

Since 2007, Freud has tried to prove herself in the Indian industry. in
2007, she played the female lead in Slumdog Millionaire.
in which she gained great fame in the Indian industry … In 2009
she was nominated for an Academy Award and received many more British awards
Oscars, MTV Movie Awards and Tony Choice Awards too.

Freida was engaged to Rohan Antao even before her film career began.
Their relationship ended in 2009 and she began dating her co-star Dev.
Patel starred in Slumdog Millionaire. The couple broke up after
A relationship held together for six years in 2014. Ultimately Freud changed.
her address several times from Mumbai, London and Los Angeles. Later she was
said in an interview that she lives in Los Angeles.

Freud played so many roles that brought her very good fame. Beyond the slums
Millionaire, Giri Rising, Unity, Desert Dancer, Trishna and many more. it
voiced the animated film Yamasong … She was nominated for
BAFTA Awards, Black Reel Awards, MTV Movie Awards and Breakthrough Winner
Performance Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and Outstanding
Speech by film actors at the Screen Actors Guild Award.

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