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The gorgeous and talented actress Janet Lynn Fulkerson, who is widely known
as Janet Gunn was born in Fort Worth, Texas on November 2, 1961.
graduated from W.E. Boswell High School in Saginaw, Texas at
1980 year … At school she participated in school theaters and performances.
Janet has specialized in a variety of roles including cheerleader, personal
assistant, car saleswoman, cheerleader, flight attendant from Southwest
Airlines. Her rise to acting began with the role of Susan Howard’s stunt double in
the television sequel to Dallas in 1988.

She had to play the role of Kelly Cochran on the CBS series Dark Justice.
from 1992 to 1993. From 1996 to 1999, she played the role of detective Cassandra.
Saint John in the Silk Hunt on the US Network. Janet also appeared as
Guest on the Runaway, Dreams, Diagnosis: Murder, In the Middle of the Night,
Crossing Jorden, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She also starred in many films
entitled ‘Quest’, ‘A Killer Among Us’, ‘Night of the Running Man’, ‘Lost Journey’,
How to get there and many others.

Janet married Karl Gunn in 1985. After their separation, she got married.
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