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She began her career with a two-part arc of the daytime soap opera ABC.
TV series One Life to Live as Britney, Katrina Bowden is 31 years old.
old American actress. She starred in many TV shows and films. … Multiple names
for Television – Law & Order: A Special Section for Victims (2006), Reckless
Behavior: Caught on Tap and, Crazy (2007), Ugly Betty, Nick Swardson’s Pretense
Time, (2010), College Humor Originals (2011), New Girl (2012) and list
long. She also starred in the films Sex Drive (2008), Ratko: The
The Dictator’s Son, Shortcut (2009), Tucker & Dale v. … Evil, (2010), American
Reunion, Piranha 3DD, Hold Your Breath (2012), Movie 43, Scary Movie 5, Nurse
3D, True Story (2013), Hard Sale (2014), Monolith, The Last Film Festival
(2016), Divorce Party, Misfortune (2017), Kill Diaz, The Elder Moment, The
Orchard, Morning Shine, Fishbowl California (2018).

Katrina Bowden has also performed in some music videos such as Dance,
Dancing in 2005, Good afternoon in 2006, After hours in 2008 and Miss Jackson in 2013.

Katrina married her longtime boyfriend Ben Jorgensen, whom she dated
for 2 long years on January 28, 2012.

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