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Lena Mary Calhoun Horn was an American singer and actress. Good!! Her career
existed for about 70 years. At 16 she joined the choir
Cotton club. Before moving to Hollywood, she worked in a nightclub.
In 1963, she took part in the Washington March. In her career, she
has earned many awards and prizes. Lena was involved in civil rights
motion … Lena was represented in the popular jazz society The Chamber Music Society.
series of Lower Basseinovaya street. In 1995, she was captured live for her.
Supper Club performance.

She was born on June 30, 1917 in New York in
United States of America. She attended girls’ high school and then dropped out.
schools without a diploma. In 1935 she made her debut as a dancer.
in the musical short film Cab Calloway ‘Jitterbug Party. Some of her
popular works: Lena’s House: The Lady and Her Music, Porgy and Bess,
Sesame Street, Broadway Rhythm and many others. Lena was introduced to
Hollywood Walk of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame.

In 1989 she won the Life Service Award, and in 1999 the NAACP Image
Prize. For her humanitarian work, she was awarded the International Civil
Walk of Fame of Man. In 1937 she married a politician
Louis Jordan Jones. The couple had a daughter and a son. They got divorced in
1944 year … She later married music director Lenny Hayton a year.
1947 and broke up with him in 1960. Lena was in a relationship with Artie.
Shaw, Orson Welles, Joe Louis, Bill Strayhorn and Vincente Minnelli. She died
congestive heart failure on May 9, 2010.
The stamp featuring Lena was released in 2018.

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