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Brittney Atwood is the wife of the YouTube phenomenon known as Roman Atwood
and Britney Atwood can now be seen as a channel for Roman’s vlogs … Britney
Atwood has over 3 million subscribers to her _little_britt_ channel.
Instagram account. Brittney Atwood starred in the hit video Roman.
called, Jubilee drawing of oncoming lights !! and these are the features of the Roman rally
Britney and he says he cheated on Britney Atwood during
five-year anniversary of the couple. Britney Atwood and Roman were then engaged
year, 2018 after 10 years of their acquaintance. They got married in Maui
in 2018. Britney Atwood now has a son with Roman, and his name is
Kane. Britney Atwood had their first daughter known as Cora.

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Brittney Atwood is known to many as the wife of the popular YouTuber Roman Atwood.
We can also see her sexy and pretty face on her channel, but her presence
is mostly on her husband’s channel. Her love story with her husband
was nothing more than a fairy tale that began when she met him on
first time at his best friend’s wedding. Since then they have grown dramatically and
Borders still enjoys a charming and public relationship today.

Britney Atwood has been the victim of many of her husband’s famous pranks,
but no one was scarier to kill my child … In the drawing, Roman threw a small
The mannequin dressed him up like the youngest son, and Britney lost her cool
and began to sob, but then became very angry when he learned the truth.