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Rushuna Tendo or Tendo Rushuna was born on June 3, and she is the main
the main character of the series. She is an extremely wealthy, 16 year old busty girl.
blonde senshi trained in positive teachings and kind
Tenshi values … A former pre-Juttensen candidate, she is trained to use
revolver, and knows how to shoot to incapacitate, instead of killing
using the Gun-Kata form as witnessed in the final battle with Setsuna.
Rushuna’s goal is to end strife and chaos. She is very good
in tactical analysis and knows how to notice the weaknesses of his opponents in
the battlefield and adapt to it using the tools she has.
recycling. She also hugs opponents with whom it is difficult to reason by pressing
them to her chest to calm them down. Rushuna’s weakness is ‘taking hot baths’ and
she indulges in the act quite often. It is indicated that she has feelings for
Yajiro, but she is unwilling to follow them until she completes
mission. It is sometimes obvious that she is jealous when she sees him.
with other girls, but she knows that he always comes back to her.

Rushuna receives the title of Grenadier, smiling at Senshi from Tenshi on
end of series … Her name may refer to the Buddha Rushana, who
kind of right, considering she’s a traveler. There are many
people note that Rushuna is a foreigner (or at least has a foreign origin)
because of her naturally blonde hair and large breasts. She also had an elder
a sister who matched her skill, but she was spoiled by Baron Iron
Mask. She was raised by the eccentric Soun, who taught her everything that she
knows. This is different from the anime she trained in.
capital. At the end of the manga, she leaves for her homeland, and after
that she is marrying Yagiro. In the anime Mikako Takahashi voiced
her, and in the English dub she is voiced by Wendy Lee. These sexy Rushuna
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