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American comics. Many other versions of the supergirl have been seen in
comic no Kara is the best embodiment. Supergirl is one of the last survivors
Kryptonians and is Superman’s cousin. From January 2020 Arrowverse
continuing its sixth season. In the new preview, there is a war for
Supergirl Soul and Kara were discovered by Wonder Woman. Super Girl
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Kara Zor-El, a 13-year-old Kryptonian, was sent to Earth by her parents Alura.
and Zor-El. When Krypton exploded, Kara’s parents sent her to
a spaceship with his cousin Kal-El to Earth … One way spaceship
was knocked down, entered the Phantom Zone and remained there for twenty-four years.
By the time the spaceship hit Earth, Kal-El had become an adult Superman, and
24-year-old Kara learned to use her abilities and adopted a pseudonym
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At first, Kara was forced to reveal her superhero abilities, for which
she became the protector of the National City. She learned that her mother,
Aunt Astra, Uncle Non were imprisoned by hundreds of hiding criminals.
on the ground. Kara, with the help of her adoptive sister Alex Danvers, fought
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Gradually, in the next season, Kara settled the dispute between
extraterrestrial community of the Earth and indigenous people. She went to
investigate Project Cadmus (a shadow organization) led by Lillian Luthor.
During this time, Kara struggled with romantic feelings for the survivor.
from Krypton named Mon-El. Gradually Mon-El was forced to leave the Earth, and she
I had to fight my emotions. However, when Mon-El returned, he reported
that he traveled back in time to the 31st century, married Imre Ardin and also discovered
Legion. Later in the series, Kara had to fight for political and civil
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