The 30 Sexiest Korean Women of 2020

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attention around the world. These beauties always attract the attention of men with their
their cute and adorable personalities. People can’t take their eyes off
these stunning, talented and sexy ladies. Their beauty inspired
a different class of people. They say that their excellent acting skills,
impeccable performance and real emotions increased their relevance. Good!!!
These great people are blessed with singing ability combined with good
acting skills at the same time. They are often praised for their outstanding
Job. This is the list of the sexiest Korean actresses: –

She is a complete entertainer. Yoon turned her on
singing career at 15 with Korean pop group Baby V.O.X. Good!! Over
years for her notable works in The Vineyard, The Coffee Prince, My Fair
Lady, and Missing You, she got Grimae, Goong, MBC Drama Baeksang Arts,
Huading and KBS Drama Awards for Outstanding Performance … Yun is immensely
talented and immediately after graduation; she made her directing debut with
short film ‘Knitting’. Then the film was nominated for Busan.
International Film Festival 2012. She’s got non-porous and tofu-like
skin, which she claims originated from lotion and the mythical hair oil.

She is a famous Korean singer and is popular for her vocal group Brown Eyed.
Girls. As a solo artist, she has released six extended pieces. Good!! it
received Cyworld Digital Music, Bugs Music, Mnet Asian Music, Melon Music and
Gaon Chart Grand Opening Awards for We Fell in Love, Irreversible,
and Bloom. Good!! She participated in the reality show We Got Married and
this led her to the MBC Entertainment Awards. She was nominated for 25th place.
Gold Disc, 10th Korean Music and 20th Seoul Music Awards for her
performance … She sticks to her makeup at a 45-degree angle and claims to blend
and outlining the nose, it appears attractive.

She is a prominent face in the industry. Good!! In 2014 she was
is listed as a style icon. In 2014 and 2015 she was seen grabbing
number one in this list of ‘100 most beautiful faces in the world.’ In year
2016, South Korean television series The Good Wife She Got Asia
Artist Awards and Crime Action Fraudsters gave her the film Korea
2017 Actors Association Awards. Well !! She also received the honor
54th Baeksang Arts Award, 13th Asian Model and 23rd Chunsa Film Art Awards. Last
year for the miniseries Justice she won a KBS Drama Award as part of
category. She claims to have deep cleansing, moisturizer and olive oil
helps her maintain healthy skin and hair.

She is a renowned South Korean artist. … Good!! Learned thigh from school days
hop, jazz and latin dance … During her school years for her performance,
she was spotted on in 2004. She later worked
choreographer and has worked with various celebrities around the world. She was
also selected as the idol dancer of the Korean news agency. Kim also focused her
interest in acting and singing. She is a member of the female singing group.
named Girls’ Generation and it gave her recognition. Kim was nominated for MBC
2012 Entertainment Award for Female Newbie.
released her beauty and fashion book called Hyo Style where she shared her
awesome tips.

She is a popular South Korean actress. Good!! For work in yellow
Headscarf, Once Upon a High School, Moon Embracing Sun, Super
Newbie, and Terms of Tenderness she was awarded by KBS Drama, Baeksang Arts and
Blue Dragon Film Award and MBC Drama Awards. She also studied well and scored points.
very good grades on the college aptitude test … Han was also seen
participated in various activities since school days. She has flawless
complexion and includes proper care for her skin using bleaching agents
and sunscreen. Thanks to proper Pilates and yoga, she became slim and
fabulous body.

She is a famous face of the Korean entertainment industry. The song turned her on
career at the young age of 14 and after that she won the SunKyung Smart Model Award
Competition in 1996. In 2017, she was ranked seventh among
Forbes Power Celebrity List. Career success brought her
the title of Hallyu star or popular artist of South Korean culture. Good!!
The song won the KBS Drama, Women in Film Korea, SBS Drama, Baeksang, CETV, Korean.
APAN Star Film, Shanghai New Entertainment All Star Charity Awards and Gold
Disc awards. She claims that eating tofu helps her look younger
her real age … Song follows a strict Korean skin care regimen that allows her
have flawless skin, including sheet masks, foundations, honey, rose
water, etc.

She is a famous face of the entertainment industry. She received last year
IQIYI Taiwan Entertainment, Annual Soompi and Asia Artist Awards for her
the popular television series What Happened to Secretary Kim. Good!! She is very
Since childhood, she actively studied and left Donguk.
University where she received the Merit Award. Over the years she has won
MBC Entertainment, Chinese Music, Drama Fever, Asian Artist, APAN Star, KCA
Consumer Day, Cosmo Beauty, Asia Drama Conference, Tvn Joy Festival, Asia
Model Festival and KBS Drama Awards. They say she uses two to three
masks a day to look young and energetic.

She is one of the most beautiful actresses in Korean show business.
industry … Good!! Over the years, she has received SBS dramas, KBS dramas, Paeksang.
Art, Cosmo Beauty, Andre Sim Best Star, Grand Bell, Blue Dragon Film, Korea
Drama, APAN star and André Kim awards for Best Star for Stairway to Heaven,
Restless, Iris, Forbidden Love, Young Buddy and a Love Story at Harvard. in
In 2013, she was awarded the Cosmo Beauty Awards for her beautiful face.
She states that she pays special attention to basic makeup products before applying on it.
her skin, as a harmful chemical could affect her. To reduce her stress
level she prefers to go for a walk.

Kim is a sexy and charismatic singer in the Korean industry. Her debut single
The changes ranked second on the South Korean Gaon Digital Chart. Wow!!
Her expanded Bubble Pop has sold over three million digital copies.
and was the first Korean artist to reach 100 million views on
Youtube … Good!! She won the Gold Disc, Gaon Chart Music,
Hearld Donga Television Lifestyle, Melon Music, YouTube K-Pop, Seoul Music,
YinYue Tai V-Chart, J-Pop Music, COSMO Camera and Mnet Asian Music Awards. IN
in 2014 she was nominated for a World Music Award for her

She is famous in the entertainment world of South Korea. In 2019
for her social activities, she was honored with the Philanthropy Award and
was awarded the title of Celebrity of the Year in Charity. Good!! Are visible to her
work, she won APAN Star, Asia Artist, Asia Rainbow Television,
Baeksang Arts, Chinese Television Drama, KBS Drama, Korean Film Association
Critics, LeTV Movie and Drama, MBC Entertainment and SBS Drama Awards. in
In 2017, she was ranked 33rd on Power Celebrity’s list of Korean celebrities.
Forbes. In an interview, she stated that proper hair and skin care leads to
healthy life.

She is a stylish and popular singer. … Good!! In 2010 she won
Cyworld Digital Music Award and 18th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards as part of
in the category ‘New Generation Popular Teen Singer Award’. She won the Gaon chart
K-Pop Awards, 5th Mnet 20’s Choice Awards, 8th Asia Song Festival and 26th
Gold disc. Gina was selected as an influential artist at the event.
Besides singing, she is also a popular actor. Gina appeared in
TV series and music videos. Good!! She was nominated for her
amazing dance performance. Her beauty tips include washing your face

She is a famous entertainer in the Korean entertainment world. Good!! For her
musical work, won Gold Disc, KBS Music, KMTV Music, MBC Music, Mnet
Asian Music, Mnet 20’s Choice, SBS Music and Seoul Music Awards. It
equally good at her acting skills and working at Family Outing, she
won SBS Entertainment Awards … She has been honored in Korea for many years.
Advertising Festival, Ulsan MBC Entertainment Awards, Korean Music Arts
Festival, 1st Seoul Arts & Culture Award, and Korean Green Foundation. in
In 2012, she was named Korea’s Best Social Media Representative.
Her sexy physique is getting a lot of attention.

She is a beautiful actress in the Korean industry. In 2006 she won
Miss Korea Pageant, and the next year she ranked third
Miss Universe Contest. Lee won the Korea Jewelry Awards, Mnet’s Choice 20.
Baeksang Arts, Buil Film, BIFF Marie Claire Asian Star, Blue Dragon Film, MBC
Drama Awards, Korean Drama, Korea Screen Actors Association, Grand Bell, Daegu
Music Festival, Korean Popular Culture and Arts, and SBS Drama Awards for
her work in ‘Indomitable Daughter-in-law’, ‘Chicago’, ‘Rebel’, ‘Secret’,
Extreme Jobs, The Fiery Priest and Great Pirate Lives of Animals and Tazza:
Hidden map … Good!! In 2016, she was chosen as a style icon in Asia.

She is a prominent figure in the Korean industry. Over the years, Kim has been
Goodwill Ambassador of Korea International Youth, Jeonju International,
Gold and Green Film Festival. She was nominated for Mnet 20’s Choice.
Hot New Star Awards. Kim is a talented professional model
besides an acting career. Good!! She won an MBC for her excellent work.
Entertainment, SBS Drama, Arirang Television Episode 1000 Poll, MBC Drama,
and the KBS Drama Awards for her work in Boys Without Flowers, The One Who Can’t Marry,
Horse Doctor, ‘We Got Married’, ‘Our Breakup’ and ‘Empress Chongchu’. In year
In 2012, she was spotted as a ski instructor.

She is a famous star in the entertainment industry. … Originally debuted with
a modeling career and she won the 2001 SBS Supermodel Competition.
For her work at Nonstop 4, Couple or Trouble, Birth of a Beauty and Tazza, she
won MBC Entertainment, Baeksang Arts, MBC Drama, Grand Bell, Blue Dragon
Film, Golden Cinematography, SBS Drama, and Huading Awards. She launches her
YouTube channel named Han Ye Seul and she shares it
daily life with your followers. She recently appeared on the 34th Golden Disc.
The awards in which she has been awesome and the cheeky makeup have captivated her fans.

She is the most popular star in the entertainment industry and
Notable work she has is noted as a Hallyu star. For her work at My Sassy Girl,
White Valentine, Happy together, Thieves, Berlin case, My love from
The Star, The Legend of the Blue Sea, and the Murder in which she was congratulated
different events … She has been honored with the Blue Dragon Film Award, Puchon International.
Sci-Fi Film Festival, Max Film, Chuns Art, SBS Drama, Korean
Entertainment Industry Society, Korea World Youth Film Festival, Korean
Film Critics Association, Sichuan Television Festival, Korean Popular
Culture and arts, Baeksan art, Korean tourism and Korean broadcasting, APAN
Star and Grand Bell Awards. June is listed as best-selling endorsement
celebrity. She used Rouge lipstick, which made a splash in
a country.

She is a popular entertainer in the industry and is known as a chameleon actress. Khan
won Miss Binggray Smile. She has a pretty face and charming
personality. Good!! For work in Ad-lib Night, Heaven & Earth, lljimae,
Love, Lies, Shiny Legacy, Don Yi, Cold Eyes, Beauty Within, W and
Love 911 was honored at various events … She received the Korean Association
Film Critics, Korea Best Dressed Swan and Jewelry, Best Andre Kim Star, Mnet
Choice 20 KBS Drama Seoul International Drama SBS Drama Singapore
International Film Festival, Korean Drama, Korea World Youth Film Festival, MBC
Drama, Construction Film, APAN Star, Blue Dragon Movie, Big Bell, Korean Actor
Association, Hong Kong Cable TV, Asia Star Awards and Baeksang Arts Awards.
Khan is also a responsible citizen and has been recognized as an honest taxpayer.
Ministry of Strategy and Finance. Han is also an outstanding singer.

She is a talented actress in the entertainment world. For a musical career,
she has won Golden Disc, Melon Music and Mnet Asian Music Awards. … Her
her acting skills have earned her Asia Artist, Baeksang Arts, Blue Dragon Film,
MBC Drama, Mnet 20 ‘Choice, SBS Drama, Buan International Film, MTN Broadcast
KBS Entertainment Advertising Festival, KOPA & NIKON Press Photo, Style
Icon, Korea Advertisers Association, Seoul International and KBS Drama
Awards. She also received international attention and was honored
2015 SinaWeibo Night Awards.

She is a popular South Korean actress. She was ranked eighth on Forbes.
Korea Power Celebrity List in 2017. Kim was the youngest member
included in the top 10 list at 17. Good!! She won an SBS drama
Korean Drama, Korean Drama Star, Asia Buzz Awards, MBC Drama, Style Icon Asia,
Pearson Film Festival, Hearld Donga Television Lifestyle, APAN Star, Asia
Artist, Baeksang Arts, KBS Drama and MBC Drama Awards … Her notable work
Iijimae, Wind Artist, Don Yi, Moon Embracing the Sun, Angry Mom, Love
in the moonlight, the secret door and the flame of desire. Kim has a natural look
skin that has drawn a lot of attention to her.

She is a popular face in the Korean entertainment world. Good!! She won
Best Costume Korea, KBS Drama, Korea Visual Arts Festival, Mnet KM Music
Festival and SBS Drama Awards. Her famous works – I love you, save
Last dance for me, baking king, Kim Takgu, princess Hwapyong slimming
and all about my mom. Eugene is an outstanding writer, has published two books. Kim
is an outstanding singer and was a member of the S.E.S. She is a solo singer and her
The first album sold approximately 65,000 copies. Kim appeared in the musical
theater based on the film ‘Innocent Steps’.

She is the title holder of the South Korean beauty pageant. Good!! She was
crowned Miss Korea 2012 at an event at the Grand Peace Palace
at Kyung Hee University … They say she won the trophy by beating 53
contestants. The next year, 2013, she became Miss Universe.
Korea. She later represented her country at Miss Universe 2013. Kim was
seen in the TV series and this is Cantabile Naeio, Dearest
Lady and shining office. She was seen with music videos of famous toys and
14:00. She currently represents Starhaus Entertainment.

She is a famous star in the South Korean industry. Good!! I’m called
Hallyu or popular star of South Korean culture. She made her debut in the famous
Girls’ Generation in 2007. I was the first celebrity to be nominated
Ambassador of the Korea Tourism Organization and the Ministry of Culture and Sports
and tourism. Forbes named her Asia’s most influential celebrity.
I won seven Asian artists, four Baeksang Art, Blue Dragon Film, Buil Film,
and six KBS Drama Awards … She has been featured on Marianas International Film.
Festival, Korea University Film Festival, Korea Women’s Film Festival
Busan International Film Festival & International Film Festival & Awards
Macau. I am showing my X-Line body proportions.

She is a popular actress in the Korean entertainment industry. Aged
At the age of 16, she began her singing career. Among her outstanding works
Intruder, Secret Garden, Guardian: Lonely and Great God,
Greatest love queen and me and touch your heart. Good!! She was honored
Olle Lotte Smartphone Film Festival, Baeksang Arts, APAN Star, Annual
Drama Fever, Asia Model Festival and SBS Entertainment Awards. Radio show
titled Lets Crank Up the Volume presented her with a KBS Entertainment award. Yu has
the ideal figure, and many Koreans have called it computer images or computer graphics.

She is a prominent figure in the Korean industry … Kahn ranked 29th in the ranking
Episode 10 of Produce 101 Season 1. She is currently associated with
entertainment agency AlSeulBit Entertainment. Since 2017 she has been
associated with the girl group PRISTIN, and she formed a division called Pristin V
in 2018. Their single Get It became a hit. She appeared on television in
Show me money 4 in 2015 and made it to the second round. Both years
In 2017 and 2018, she was part of Weekly Idol. Good!! Kang is specialized
rapper, soloist and vocalist of the various bands she is associated with.
She loves to flaunt her sexy body.

She is a renowned artist in the Korean industry. Good!! She received
Mnet Asia Music, SBS Entertainment and MBC Entertainment Awards for her
work in the films We Are Married, The Running Man and My Little Old Man. Over the years
for her singing career she has received the Seoul Music, Soribada Best K-Music awards and
Gold disc … In 2019, she gave her US debut concert.
States of America at Pechanga Resort & Casino. This year she set her free
first studio album titled Lots of Love. She released an extended game as
well. Hong prefers Estee Lauder, MIBA, Hanskin and

She is a popular actress and presenter in South Korea. Good!! In 2018
she was nominated for the MBC Entertainment Awards in the Talk and Music category
category. In 2019, she was nominated for the Best Female Excellence Award in
Music Talk category. The park was part of the television series as the main and
supporting role. Famous TV shows ‘Answer 1994’ and ‘On the way to
the airport. Park has previously been associated with South Korean girl group Nine.
Muses. This group was formed by Star Empire Entertainment in 2010.
She starred in several films, Dream Concert 2015 and Real.
She claims that chocolate makes her body sexy.

She is a well-known and vibrant South Korean artist. … Good!! She is super
talented and has appeared in television series, films, music videos, radio and
Musical Theatre. Kim also has a melodic voice. In 2015 she has
won Music Actor of the Year at the 9th Daegu International Music Festival.
Festival awards. She became popular thanks to the television series Rich Man and
Suspicious partner. In 2017, she starred in her romantic comedy on television.
The Suspicious Partner series won the SBS Drama Awards for Best
Category Supporting actress. Some of her musical theaters are called Goong: Musical
and everyone shook themselves.

She is a famous South Korean actress. Lee has been recognized for her role in
Smile, You, White Night, Cyrano Agency, Fate and the Furies, Midas, Big and
Sly lonely lady … Good!! She has been featured in an SBS Korean drama.
Film Critics Association, Grand Bell, Blue Dragon Film, Korea Jewelry,
Baeksang Artist, Herald Donga TV Lifestyle, University Film Festival
Korea, Directing Cut and Style Icon Awards. Lee is a popular theater artist
and also a singer. Lee named top 5 Korean celebrity
for her flawless skin. She considers cleansing and makeup to be correct to maintain

She is a talented actress in the entertainment industry. Her notable work
includes a game of truth, the same, secret, phone, sex is zero, damo, what happened in
Bali, Duelist, Hwang Jini, Haeundae, Closer to Heaven, Secret Garden, As One,
Empress Ki, The Time We Were Not in Love, Hospital Ship and King 2
Hearts … Good!! Ha’s long list of awards include Grand Bell, Busan Film Critics,
Blue Dragon Film, MBC Drama, Baeksang Arts, Golden Cinematography, Korea
Visual arts, SBS drama, KBS drama, Korean broadcast, Golden International
Television Festival, Korea Dance Association Seoul Dance Festival, Asian Model
Festival, style icon Asia, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival,
Grimae, Mnet 20’s Choice, Seoul International Drama Festival and Korea Youth Festival.
For her, she was awarded by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs.
cultural and educational activities.

She is a prominent face in the Korean entertainment world. Shin turned her on
modeling career as a teenager, and during this time she supported several famous
brands … Among her famous works are ‘Strike’, ‘Love to Kill’, ‘The Devil’, ‘Go, forward 70s’,
My friend is a nine-tailed fox, appoint a magistrate, Gyeongju and oh
My Venus. Good!! She has been won in SBS Dramas, Dior Timeless Beauty, KBS Drama,
Korean Film, Korea University Film Festival, Max Movie, Style Icon, Mnet
Choice 20, Korea Advertisers Association, Windflower Film, Seoul
International Cosmo Drama and Beauty Award. She also contributed a voice
for some soundtracks.